The Cause

We aim to raise over £100,000 to help with recovery efforts in Ukraine.

After enduring over a year of war, millions of ordinary Ukrainian families are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. Many are struggling to realise basic needs like food, shelter and education. Problems are amplified for the elderly and those with disabilities particularly during the winter months. Plus there are millions of mines and unexploded shells that will endanger civilian lives and limbs long after the fighting stops. It is clear that Ukraine will take years to recover.

We will be supporting a number of international partners with a particular focus on displacement, lost homes, lost incomes and lack of education. We will also be raising well-needed funds for the mine clearance efforts which are likely to be ongoing for years.

In the UK we also intend to use our experiences to engage, and hopefully inspire, underprivileged young people, sharing our own experiences while encouraging them to expand themselves. Perhaps we will inspire some young people to tackle an epic challenge of their own.


Our Charities:

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